all treatments are individual. your therapist will combine, divide the time and decide upon products in accordance with your consultation.
our ethos at The Method has to achieve a better equilibrium between mind, body and soul at its heart.

stress and anxiety play a detrimental role in our mental health. and much of this imbalance, in turn, leads to poor physical wellbeing.
massage, the power of human touch in a safe environment, is a proven method in helping lower stress-levels.

our treatments attempt to decompress whilst re-energising, making positive lifestyle choices in daily routines easier to achieve.
all massage should be intuitive. sometimes a firmer pressure, and sometimes a light.
the most appropriate massage will use a mixture of different customised techniques based on the individual’s consultation.

Our therapies are priced according to the length of treatment. simply pick which areas require the most attention.

60 mins | £75
90 mins | £100
120 mins | £125
150 mins | £145

The Method full body | allow at least 60 mins
The Method pregnancy massage | allow 60 mins

The Method facial | allow 60 mins

we use a mixture of our potent natural, healing, herbal and essential oil-based products, along with acupressure point massage and deep lifting techniques to ease tension accumulated in the facial muscles. we also use a derma-roller and jade/amethyst rollers to stimulate cell turnover and aid lymph drainage, leaving skin supple, smooth and radiant.

The Method Body Glow Renewal | 120 Mins

Body Scrub
Full Body Massage
Herbal Tea


Ayurveda is a health system first recorded around 2500 years ago. Literally, it means “science of life or longevity”. It fits well into the modern ideals of holistic healing, concerned with a broad view of the total health of the individual: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Ayurveda prescribes daily health care practices encompassing diet, exercise, meditation, herbalism and massage as part of its healing regimen. It is the belief that this daily regimen of taking care of and balancing one’s own health that The Method is founded upon. It is the enjoyment of the journey and not the struggle to the destination that we must all find.

At The Method, we don’t try to promote ideas of particular physical aesthetic and Ayurveda has always understood beauty to be the product of general physical health and appropriate care; it is not just a cosmetic event. The emphasis is on self-knowledge, wisdom and development of positive routines and habits that literally will bring out the best in ourselves. We use Tri-Dosha products in all of our Ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurvedic Consultation | 30 mins

An integral part of your first Ayurvedic Therapy is the consultation. It determines your body type (dosha) and thus the oil, pressure, speed etc. of your treatment

Ayurvedic Full Body Marma Point Massage
(Marma Abhyanga) | 90 mins

This ancient therapy combines pressure to specific marma (vital) points all over the body and yogic stretches of all joints. The massage manipulates the healthy flow of energy through the body’s junctions and nadis (pathways and channels), and delivery is personalised according to your dosha.

Controlled breathing (pranayama) and guided meditation are also important features of this powerful treatment.

The Method ayurvedic journey | allow 150 mins

ayurvedic consultation
marma abhyanga or pinda sweda (pummeling herbal massage)
udvartana (ayurvedic herbal exfoliation)
herbal tea

Arriving after your appointment time may result in your treatment being shortened out of consideration for the next client.
If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you give 24 hrs notice out of respect.

if you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask. we offer treatments from the 12th week of pregnancy onwards. please tell us if you are pregnant so that we can advise you of the best treatments available for you.
for those 14-16 years old, treatments can be made available with parental consent.

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